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Dichroic Glass Pendants

one of a kind

An amazing introduction to the glass and jewelry world has been dichroic glass.

First developed for the aerospace industry, this exciting addition has got to be experienced first-hand. The play of colours as the piece moves in the light is entrancing. To make these dichroic glass pendants, glass is held together by kiln board to make a form. The pieces are annealed in a glass kiln to remove any stresses and ensure strength and durability. When cold, Terry cuts up shapes with special diamond-bladeds, then he will facet, shape and polish them according to whatever the desired shape is. Silver bails are then made by a manufacturing jeweler according to the shape and design of the glass pendant. The result is a glorious piece of jewellery that will sing to your soul.

From colourful Dichroic pieces to playful swirls, these hand-crafted glass pendants are a pleasure to the eye. Many of our glass pendant styles are suitable for men and women.  And jewelry designers can easily incorporate our pendants into their own pieces.

Each of our fused dichroic glass pendants are one-of-a-kind, but all have the same mesmerizing effect.  The brilliant colors and metallic shine produce breathtaking. effects as light bounces from the angled surfaces.