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Corporate & Branded Trophies

Hayden Craft has manufactured trophies since 1997

Since then they have refined and expanded their knowledge of the art both locally and internationally. Their aspiration to create works of excellence combined with their passion results in a uniquely custom designed trophy. These handmade trophies are primarily made of glass but the glass can either be sand-blasted, sand carved, coloured, thickened, lasered or shaped in a kiln.

Various materials such as mirror, granite, marble, aluminum, stainless steel or crystal can be added to complete the design. Clients are guided through the process of design, to ensure an end product that captures the client’s vision, while reflecting the achievement of the recipient.


Hayden Craft has done work for a number of celebrities and businesses, including hand-carved glass trophies for:

Nelson Mandela


Women of the Year Award

Sanlam Group


Look and Feel of the Trophy

The first step in the process is deciding on the look and feel of the trophy

The placement of the script can have a huge influence on the final product. As it can either be sand-blasted, lasered into the center of a piece of crystal or deeply carved from the back which creates a fascinating depth.

Colour can be introduced via the script using highly pigmented glass paints or add a sense of pure achievement with gold leaf foil. The options are endless. Should you want something a bit more extravagant, glass kilns can be used to slump clear glass into a solid form. By adding colour pigments to it such as Dichroic glass, an instant array of mesmerizing colours and movement captive and entrance you at every glance. The piece is then cold worked by hand on state of the art high powered diamond blade cutters and polishing discs to facet and further shape into perfection.

This machinery can also be used to create unique and other worldly shapes; any sharp edges are then polished down to a smooth finish. The base of the trophy is attached to the upright piece using an extremely strong and careful process of UV bonding; this will ensure the strength and durability of the final piece. Each trophy is thoroughly inspected, cleaned and prepared with transparent traction feet before been packaged.