Hayden Craft – Glass Trophies

The Family Business

Experience design at scale

Hayden Craft was originally started by Terry Hayden.

He had been sandblasting glass as a hobby since 1982, but his hobby soon developed into a full time fascination. Together with his wife Nicky, they have developed a  successful family business which is continuously evolving. In 1997 Terry started traveling and training internationally, mostly to Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Germany, Czech Republic and England, gaining extensive knowledge from some of the best in the industry. 1998 brought them to their first Glasstec show in Dusseldorf, Germany. Terry was fascinated at all the possibilities, bringing innovative ideas back to Cape Town and developing them in his own exceptional expression. His constant search for new techniques and innovation has lead him on a path where his creative side can run free. Terry’s developed a 3 dimensional style in a lot of his work, letting light bounce off abstract angles while incorporating the fascinating spectrum of colours that glass can project.

His attention to detail is way beyond the average persons and he uses this to his benefit during repair jobs on crystal and glass pieces. This talent lead him to be sourced to repair an Australian Glass artists sculpture which is on display in the Cape Town Museum Volt.

Terry has collaborated with many well known South African artists, sharing his wealth of knowledge with them and visa-versa.


Nicky’s passion for glass was ignited by Terry in the late 1990’s

Since then it has grown into a full on addiction for the craft.  “Glass has an enticing way about it and the beautiful results that come after hours of manipulation and work has proved to be addictive and fascinating.” Coming from a very creative background this made the perfect match for her. Since 1998 with Terry, she traveled and trained internationally gaining valuable experience from the best in the industry namely to Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Germany, Czech Republic and England. She also attended a glass school in Istanbul, Turkey where perfected her art of making glass beads. Nicky’s main passion is definitely glass beads and sharing her wealth of knowledge for it through courses.

Apart for her love for glass and its inherent beauty, to have fun and experiment with techniques remains her objective. Natural elements in any form are a big inspiration for Nicky as she loves manipulating them and combining them into her glass work. She has an eye for detail and which shows through in her finished products, colours are swirled in the most magnificent ways, tiny raised dots are clustered together almost symmetrically, or delicate flowers incorporated into a design for a more chic look and the list goes on. The value of glass art, for her, is the story that it tells, the magical beauty and the passion that was put into each piece from the beginning to the end.

Nicky has been on various TV shows and magazine editorials for glass bead making. She made the glass marbles for a well-known ABSA Bank TV advert as well as  Black glass pearls for a pirate themed TV series filmed in Cape Town, South Africa.